Urban Obstacle Walk

location: brussels

Welcome to the Urban Obstacles Guided Tour

Today we will take you on an half an hour walk. David Helbich and myself, Thomas Laureyssens, will be your guides. We won't say much during the walk, except for some brief interruptions and commentaries.

The essence of our walk is the subtle play of movement in space. We would like you to watch, feel and listen carefully, intensively. Observing both yourself, us as a group and the dynamics that play with the other users of the city. This project is not so much about actual route we are walking, more about the interactions that we create while walking it.

The city is a complex emergent system in constant evolution, impossible to grasp as a whole. Meanings on the city are formed by trajectories through this emerging mass. These trajectories are not without their subtle influence: in the act of walking we 'occupy' the space when we walk through it. We reconfigure the space by the simple act of being there. Even when we are just passive observers, we can be obstacles for others in their own trajectories. In a dynamic system, there is no such thing as an indefinite obstacle. There are only changed trajectories.

As the practicalities of this walk concerned, David and I will both follow slightly different trajectories. It's up to you to decide which one of us to follow, you create your own walk. And may I ask you - the participants - to stay silent during the walk. Speak only the bare necessary, since chattery is an obstacle to the observation of the subtle. And is subtlety that we're looking for in this walk.

First walked may 1+2 at the Micronomics festival.