Void 2,1,0

location: brussels

Void 2,1,0
Video installation with 3 projections reflects on our daily virtuosity avoiding urban obstacles.

In Void 2 and Void 1, an obstacle was added to the pavement that pedestrians had to avoid. Obstacles were later removed digitally. Void 0 represents a situation of free momovement, a state without any blockages.

With the support of: Willy Decourty, Afgevaardigde-Burgemeester, Pascal Dufour, Schepen van Nederlandstalige Aangelegenheden en de leden van het College van Burgemeester en Schepenen van Elsene en de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie. Thanks to: nadine, Nederlanstalige Bibliotheek van Elsene, MIVB, Cristian Mos