Pedestrian Levitation

location: brussels

Pedestrian Levitation is an artwork based on the movement of pedestrians on a public space. Some pedestrians walk only on the sidewalk and use the pedestrian crossing for crossing the street, others make free interpretations on the pedestrian infrastructure that urban designers came up with. Pedestrian Levitation visualises the real flow of people, adding a poetic layer that denies physical limitations such as gravity, in an attempt to inspire people to dream and look beyond their current situations.

The bird-eye video Pedestrian Levitation Research of was recorded on the roof of a building and analysed frame by frame with animation software. A pattern of movement of the pedestrians was extracted by reworking this recording frame by frame with video animation software: it is as if pedestrians draw lines though the space. The pattern that was obtained by the Pedestrian Levitation Research video was the basis of the installation in public space.