Toyfoo is founded by designer and researcher Thomas Laureyssens. His work is inspired by societal matters and driven by grounded optimism. Thomas designs games and interactive interventions for urban and semi-public spaces, with the intention that they are inspirational or even transformative for the people and communities that engage with them. His PhD dissertation (in progress) concerns with how urban social technologies are appropriated and activated by local communities, and which role human actors play in this process. He is involved in research group Urban Species (LUCA School of Arts & ULB), which is creating and evaluating new methods and interactive tools for urban participation, funded by Innoviris.  Former research projects include the participatory mapping workshop methodology MAP-it.

Past and current clients of toyfoo include:

Bokrijk, imec, BNP Paribas Fortis.


Thomas Laureyssens
+32 477 58 54 58