At toyfoo, we are passionate about the ability of public spaces to serve as catalysts for transformation—be it social, economic, or cultural. We envision these spaces as vibrant hubs where community building meets commercial revitalization, and where cultural exchange blooms in sustainable settings. Our aim is to partner with stakeholders to realise environments that not only connect individuals but also empower them to bring their unique strengths and insights into the collective experience.

Recognizing the impact of community involvement in urban landscapes, we at toyfoo commit to an ethical and participatory approach in all our civic interaction design and placemaking initiatives. From the drafting table to the ribbon-cutting, we partner with a diverse ensemble of community members, civic leaders, and industry experts. It’s through this collaborative tapestry of perspectives that we sculpt physical and digital public spaces—ones that authentically reflect and respond to the aspirations and necessities of the communities they uplift.

In museums and educational spaces, inclusivity is far more than a buzzword to us—it’s a foundational design principle. We recognize that meaningful learning is enriched by a multifaceted approach that combines cognitive understanding, emotional engagement, and social interaction. Our games and interactive installations are aesthetic experiences with hands-on involvement accommodating all visitors. By partnering with curators, researchers, educators, and other key stakeholders, we create environments that move beyond mere information presentation. Instead, we invite visitors to immerse themselves as active contributors in their educational journey, cultivating a shared culture of discovery and growth.

Guided by our core principles of connectivity, inclusivity, and active participation, we partner to build environments that are more than just spaces—they are catalysts for individual and collective growth.